bleeding heart

This heart beats, like a wild animal. Stuck in this rib cage. It thumps so loudly at just the mention of your name. This heart dances, like it has no clue. Crazy, chaotic, careless. It jumps at the sound of your voice. This heart sings so loudly trying to be heard. A prisoner of its […]


I am the damsel in distress. You just keep right on saving me. I fall right into the path of danger time and time again. Still You slay my dragons. I dropped my shoe and at midnight my world fell apart. You searched for me throughout the kingdom. I didn’t realize You were there. You […]

October 16, 2014

The past, it has some dark spots. It is not without blemishes. I’m realizing it’s not about these dark moments. It’s about overcoming them. It’s about clinging to the good memories, the spectacular moments we shared. The past surely has shaped each of us. Is it possible to help mold one another into something beautiful. […]

October 11, 2014

You started to believe in me! I always thought you didn’t. I felt like some mythical creature. It was as if you had become too old to imagine I existed. Then you stumbled upon my fairytale and you just couldn’t put it down! The tale, taking a lifetime to tell. You couldn’t help but anticipate […]

To my brothers:

Side by side we’ll always be. Oh, the love of family! We’ve been through so much together. Thankful to have you now and forever! You’ve touched my heart in many ways. Being your sister is never a phase. Love you both with all my heart. May we never grow apart.


Such sweet, serene sonnets. Safely sung somewhere secluded. Hush, hush. Humbly I harmonize with Heaven. Hidden high above the horizon. Brazen, beautiful ballads bring praise. Boldly, I become the bird You brought to breath.

September 26, 2014

Our stars developed so brightly. Even the sun couldn’t outshine us. You could see our star shining from every hemisphere. Maybe we became supernovas. Maybe we were supernovas all along. We collapsed on ourselves and became brighter than a galaxy until we burned out. We had a few amazingly bright moments on our way to […]