I am afraid.  Afraid to open my heart up to anyone else. Afraid you’ll crush it in the palm of your hand. Afraid that you’ll be just like the others. Afraid that I won’t be who you really want. I have this need to know for certain before I open up at all.  I don’t […]

Point of views

The world through my eyes. How can I see from your view? Stepping outside myself. Mind wide open. Sometimes it is hard to just stop and think, “how would this person react/feel in this situation?”. I need to remember to pause. “How would I act if the situation were reversed?” “Would what I say and […]

Too me?

Insecure and not quite sure. Am I this hideous creature you claim of me? Too white. Too skinny. Too long of a nose. Too quiet. Too introverted. Too religious. Too broken. Too lost. Too emotional. Too this. Too that. Too much. Too not enough.