Sweetest song

Sugary sweet is your song, seeming so satisfactory. Something so sinfully sweet. Succulent you are, all the while stealing my soul. Suprisingly my savior steps in! Saving me from this sabotage. Your Spirit sings in me of the sweetest love.


You’ve built up so many walls. Walls you have gotten so used to hiding behind. I run around trying to find you. Just when I think i’ve found you you disappear again. I run through this maze. Dizzy, confused, and frustrated. So many walls. I just can’t see through. How do I find my way?


I suffer from this childish syndrome, the overwhelming feeling that i’m missing out. I’m the kid who’s parents have told her to go to her room so the grownups can talk. Sometimes I sit in my room and sulk.  As I grow older I am grateful for the chance to be alone. A chance to look at […]