Let it go!

Your like the bug that stings only to drop dead. This life was never yours, look ahead. Let it go, let it go! A new life awaits you. A new love creates you. Let it go, let it go! Love that was all along. A love where you belong. Give it up, this old life. […]

This is crazy and shouldn’t matter that i’m not the one..for someone. Memory casting dark shadows upon my mind. Forcing me to see what is not wanted. I close my eyes and there you are, though i can’t see your face, haunting my very soul. Open my eyes and you are far away again. Oh, […]


“The tongue has power of life and death” Life: A symphony of delicious words flow right along to the beat of my heart. Keeping time with every note hidden inside. A rhythm so perfect my soul begins to dance. Your music has swept me off my feet. Death: Your words seem so sweet but leave […]

All these things

I miss staying up all night talking on the phone. I miss the days when i had a chance to call you my own. I miss you driving and singing in my car. I miss how we used to gaze at that star. I miss your hand in mine. I miss how just being with […]